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Excerpt: "Wherever you are, that's where my soul will be. And if chance should separate us ... I will always be waiting for you, or find my way to you."

A battle approaches Threa - a war of wills.  One driven to control it, and the other to destroy it.

While immersed in their history, Lydia learns of the overwhelming threat to the planet and its people.  And even though she was brought to Threa by her soulmate Jordan, it has come to be her home.  And she will not let it go.

Lydia trains with Lena and Dax, but she doubts she will ever be as strong as they need her to be.  She is determined however, to be ready, should she ever again, be confronted by an enemy.

But what she can’t fight, are Jordan’s memories.  With each step that he takes toward the past, Lydia feels him pulling away, closing himself off.

As the war rages, Lydia's faith in Jordan is challenged.  But is she strong enough to survive her own fears?  Or will his ties to the past sever the unbreakable bond between them?

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