Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is to inform you of how your information is collected or used by this website.  I am not a lawyer, nor have I ever studied the law, so this information will be in the most basic terms that we can all understand.


For those who are interested in understanding more about PII Personally Identifiable Information, you may visit the USA General Services Administration website:


How do I collect your information?

The only information I have is what you provide to me when you sign up to receive emails, most likely your name and email address.


At no time will any payment information be collected directly from this website.  I do not sell products directly from my website.  Instead, you will be linked to my bookstore which a separate site run by, or you will be linked to Barnes &, or to, depending upon the link you choose to click on. 


Direct links to my bookstore:

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What do I do with your information?

I will send email communications to you periodically, to communicate updates about my website, latest releases, new short stories, current promotions, or I may send the occasional promotional email regarding another author's book that I found interesting and would like to share.


I do not share your information with any other authors, promotion sites, or social media, it remains solely with me.


I do not sell your information, I believe that practice is despicable.


I do use Google Analytics to analyze website data, such as the number of visitors per day, hour, week, etc. so that I can better understand which promotions are driving traffic to my site and how effective they are.


Should you wish to view the Privacy Policy of Google, please click this link:


Policy Changes:

Any and all privacy policy changes will be listed here, I will not send a separate email communication should this update.


GDPR Changes: The EU (European) General Data Protection Regulation

Changes to the GDPR affect only those with European email address, or if you live in Europe.  It aims to give EU residents control over their personal data and how it can be collected and processed.   These changes will take effect May 25, 2018.  To read the full details of the GDPR updates please click this link: 



Should you have any questions about my privacy policy, please don't hesitate to send me an email via my Contact Me page:

Please note: Sending me an email to ask a question, or to request more information, will not subscribe you to my website.  You will only be subscribed if you enter your information into the "Join My Mailing List" box, or via a third party site where your explicit consent will be requested before you are subscribed.