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Hello and welcome to my webpages.


I will be posting updates here, as I make progress through each of my stories.  I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.


Proud to write that my short story Grid: A Short Story from The Colony, has been included in the SciFi short story collection:

Vizions of the Future -  11 Ultra Exciting SciFi Tales


Click Here to see the reviews on Amazon





Amazing 5-star Review of The Last City on N.N. Light's Book Heaven!


 "WOW! The Last City picks up right where The Colony left off and I loved every minute of it."


Click Here To Read the Full Review


     Thank you, Mrs. N.





Awesome 5-star Review of The Last City on Mary's Bookcase!


 "Hand on heart, The Colony series is the best romantic fantasy series I have ever read, and I would not say that if I didn't mean it. If you are going to read only one fantasy series this year, then read this one."


Read the full review here:


     Thank you, Mary Anne Yarde!




The Last City is published!!! 

Well, the ebook versions is.  Paperback will be out 02/18/2018.  :)

Woo Hoo!

     On to book 3

          And more short stories...



The Last City - the cover is done!

And any day now, the ebook version will be available.

Paperback versions for both The Colony and The Last City, will be available 02/18/2018.




The New Podler Review - Winner - Best of for 2016


Thank you Mr. Richard Abbott, for selecting my novel, The Colony, as a winning book for 'Best of for 2016'.


Read the review and view other winners on The New Podler Review site:




Blog Feature via Mary's Bookcase.


Mary Ane Yarde author of The Du Lac Chronicles, has published on her blog Mary's Bookcase, my interview with character Lydia, my main character from The Colony. Delving a little further into the life of Lydia as she answered the interview questions, was a fun and interesting piece to write.  I hope you enjoy it!


Read the full article here:


You can also preview Mary Anne Yarde's novels on her site:


Thank you, Mary Anne, the feature is much appreciated.




Blog Feature via CC Hogan.


CC Hogan, author of the high-fantasy series Dirt, has featured a mini-story of mine, titled "I dropped into another dimension to apologize to Lydia", well it's kindof a title.  It is a conversation between myself and my character Lydia, which takes place on planet Threa.


Read the full article here:


You can also preview CC Hogan's novels on his author site: 


Thank you CC Hogan.




Reader's Favorite.


I have earned two five-star Readers' Favorite reviews for The Colony! :)







Link to the reviews:




Editing woes.


It's amazing how you can take a perfectly formed paragraph, believing you can improve upon it, and then completely screw it up.




The Last City.


I believe I just finished the first draft for The Last City, the sequel to The Colony.  Happy Day!




Blog Feature.


Mary Anne Yarde, author of historical romance, The Du Lac Chronicles, which centers around the sons of Lancelot, and the follow up novella, The Pitchfork Rebellion, has featured The Colony on her two awesome Blogs.


Mary's Bookcase:


Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots:


Thank you Mary Anne Yarde, for a wonderful review. 




My Reviews.


Finally, I have some awesome reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.




The Colony.


It has been almost a year since I decided to publish The Colony.  My purpose was not to market and sell my work, but merely to write and publish - that has been my dream ever since I was a child.  However, I quickly realized that if I want to write and publish full time, and continue to pay bills, marketing and selling my work is kindof necessary.  (Please no blonde jokes... ok, maybe one.)


I'm not sure why I chose to launch my writing career with The Colony, I just felt compelled to.  The idea for the story, came about at the same time that I'd decided to begin publishing my work.  Shortly thereafter, a struggle began between The Colony and another story (that has since remained in the final stage of editing), as I tried to decide which to publish first.


Currently, The Colony is available in e-book format only, however, it will soon be available in paperback and when it is I will have full details listed here, including links to purchase.


The sequel to The Colony, titled The Last City, is on its way, and I will post excerpts here once I feel they are ready for human consumption.



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